Design Sofas

Various private customers from Europe, 2011-2013
Design sofas.


DONE Done s.r.l., Italy, 2013
Upholstered furniture IRIS.


TV Markíza TV Markiza, Slovakia, 2013
Upholstered furniture CIRRUS and IRIS.


GAMO GAMO, Slovakia, 2013
Upholstered furniture ECKO.




Al Maya Holding, UAE, 2013
Upholstered furniture CIRRUS.


Mediatonic Mediatonic, London, United Kingdom, 2012
Upholstered furniture IRIS.


Retrosport Retrosport, Slovakia, 2011
Upholstered furniture ECKO.


PPA PPA, Slovakia, 2010
Office and upholstered furniture.


Radix Radix, Slovakia, 2010
Office chairs.


Sigma Slovakia

Sigma Slovakia, 2010
Office furniture.


Raiffeisen Bank International Raiffeisen International, Austria, 2010
Office chairs.


Gee&Stone Gee&Stone, Slovakia, 2010
Office chairs.


Scheuch Scheuch Slovakia, 2009
Office chairs.


Siemens Siemens AG Kiev, Ukraine, 2009
Upholstered furniture ECKO.


Tatrabanka Tatrabanka, Slovakia, 2009
Office and visitor chairs.


Esprit Esprit, Happy Rain, Germany, 2006
Sales stand.


Happy Rain Happy Rain, Germany 2005
Sales display.


Doppler Doppler, Austria 2006
Sales stand, with FMF Consult.


Knirps Knirps, Germany, 2006
Sales stand, with FMF Consult.


HJP HJP, Germany, 2006
Sales display, with FMF Consult.


Mitas Mitas, Italy, 2005
Prototype TVputer, with Design Ballendat. 


Räuchle Räuchle, Germany, 2004
Wire basket for the washer.


Lubo Majer Various projects in design and furniture production for private customers and companies, 2004 - 1998