DIZAJNO in media

ASK Magazine ASK Magazine, May 2013
Each and every house has an unparalleled unique atmosphere of its own! It is either boisterous and tumultuous or tranquil and placid depending on the singular characteristics of the denizens. The more appropriate the atmosphere, the less the cause for melancholy and turbulences...read more


Architects Corner architecscorner.info, April 2013
Lounge on a Cloud in Your Living Room with the Cirrus Sofa.
..read more


ASK Magazine Journal du Design, March 2013
Cirrus Cloud Sofa par Dizajno. Canapé aérien. L’enseigne slovaque, Dizajno
 est spécialisée dans la conception de canapés design et créatifs, elle signe Cirrus un modèle s’inspirant de la forme d’un nuage...read more


Zilla Online Magazine Zilla Online Magazine, March 2013
Cirrus Cloud Sofa. Designed by Lubo Majer for Dizajno
, a Slovak brand specializing in design sofas, “Cirrus” is a nice piece of furniture inspired by the shape of soft clouds. “Virtually spontaneous composition of elements creates a perfect sofa for various seating and lounge positions...read more


Wand und Beet Wand und Beet, March 2013
Ungewöhnliche Sofas von Dizajno. Mal luftig-leicht, mal wild-exotisch, dann wieder streng minimalistisch: So groß ist die Bandbreite an auffälligen Sofas, Sesseln und Sitzlandschaften der Firma Dizajno aus der Slowakei...read more


Fubiz Fubiz, March 2013
Cloud Sofa. Dizajno
 is a slovakian brand specialized in the creation of design sofas. With this model “Cirrus” thought by Lubo Majer, it is now possible to rest on a giant cloud. An original idea and well executed to be discovered in the future...read more


Pense Imóveis Pense Imóveis, March 2013
Leve um pouco do céu para a sua casa com um sofá em forma de nuvem. Seria uma delícia poder relaxar em uma nuvem fofa e macia, não? Pois a marca eslovaca Dizajno
 buscou levar essa sensação de bem-estar para dentro de casa com um sofá em formato de nuvem...read more


Interior Complex Interior Complex, February 2013
ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY: THE CIRRUS SOFA FROM DIZAJNO. When someone looks at a piece of furniture and says something to the effect of, “That’s absolutely heavenly,” chances are, they’re talking in the figurative sense. In the case of the Slovakian designer Lubo Majer’s Cirrus collection for Dizajno, however, the saying could actually be pretty literal...read more


Design Milk Design Milk, February 2013
LOUNGE ON A CLOUD: CIRRUS SEATING BY DIZAJNO. Soft, fluffy clouds look like a nice place to relax, yes? While not your traditional 2- or 3-cushion sofa, CIRRUS is full of curved shapes resembling a whimsical seating option in your living room instead of up in the sky. The DIZAJNO sofa allows for a variety of sitting and lounging positions in hopes of letting you feel what it’s like to lay on a cloud...read more


Project 05 Project 05, February 2013
Cirrus Chair by Lubo Majer for Dizajno. Slovakian designer Lubo Majer has created the Cirrus series of cloud-looking chairs for design brand Dizajno....read more


Besthomever.com Besthomever.com, February 2013
Soft Cirrus Sofa Designed by Dizajno. Very impressive when looking at Cirrus Sofa designed by Dizajno. This sofa is soft with white color like a cloud floating above countries with very soft form. With Cirrus Sofa this you would like taken to heaven. The composition is perfect for sitting on a cloud and casual positions. Sofa is designed with a curved shape that defines contemporary piece adds functionality and convenience....read more


Design Like Design Like, February 2013
Contemporary Cloud-Like Furniture Collection by DIZAJNO. Inspired by the gentle shapes of the soft clouds floating over the country, designer Lubo Majer from DIZAJNO envisioned this original looking furniture collection entitled CIRRUS great for contemporary interior designs. Striking simplicity, curved shapes, pure white creates truly extravagant and trendy furniture designs...read more


czytajniepytaj.pl Czytajniepytaj.pl, February 2013
CIRRUS collection by Dizajno | Bujamy w obłokach! Byłoby pięknie mieć w biurze pomieszczenie, do którego można na chwilę udać się i odpłynąć w obłokach, rzucając się w otchłań wygodnej, designerskiej kanapy i kreatywnych myśli...read more


DigsDigs DigsDigs, February 2013
Cirrus Sofa That Will Take You To Heaven. Wanna feel an angel? Are you interested in the heaven interior? This Cirrus sofa collection by Dizajno reminds of soft, fluffy clouds, and they are comfy and amazing as they look....read more


Yanko Design Yanko Design, January 2013
Daydream in the Clouds. Who hasn’t dreamt of laying on the clouds?! This playful seating collection called Cirrus brings the fluffy stuff indoors in a whimsical series of gentle sofas and lounges...read more


Art Boom Art Boom, January 2013
Cirrus, A Dream In The Clouds By Dizajno. Daydreaming has never been sweeter with the new collection of upholstered furniture CIRRUS by Dizajno. Drawing its inspiration from the soft and fluffy clouds, the collection’s curved shapes and sophisticated ergonomics define this unconventional contemporary piece and add to its functionality and comfort....read more


Furniture Fashion Furniture Fashion, January 2013
Optical Illusion: The Gravity Living Room Collection by Dizajno. Have you ever spent so much time on the couch — or just perhaps been so tired in general — that you wished the universe would just help you up halfway in order to get moving?  For those of us who could use a bit of a nudge, there’s the Gravity living room collection straight out of Slovakia from Dizajno...read more


Môj dom Môj dom, November 2012
Nábytok vo farbách dúhy. Banskobystrická firma Dizajno prináša na trh novú kolekciu čalúneného nábytku s názvom Iris, ktorá pochádza z autorskej dielne slovenského dizajnéra Luba Majera....read more


Different Design Different Design, October 2012
Divano Iris. Il designer Lubo Majer del mobilificio slovacco DIZAJNO ha realizzato la collezione Iris, poltrone e divani che si ispirano alla forma dell’arcobaleno. I singoli elementi colorati possono essere uniti insieme per creare un divano modulare....read more


Furnish Burnish FurnishBurnish.com, October 2012
CIRRUS, FLORA, IRIS & ZEBRA. We all like comfortable furniture, but do you like conceptual furniture? This post reveals an incredibly cheerful furniture design: Cirrus, Flora, Iris & Zebra...read more


SouFun SouFun, September 2012
[提要]洁白无瑕的云朵总是能给人无限的美好想象,如果能把它们从天空上采回家中该有多好。设计师Lubo Majer为Dizajno公司打造的Cirrus是一款云朵形状的沙发组合,完全随机的造型让每个沙发单元看上去都各具特点、形状各异,仿佛天空中的白云一般变幻莫测...read more


Retail Design Blog Retail Design Blog, September 2012
IRIS collection by Dizajno. Company DIZAJNO comes to the market with another non-traditional piece of furniture. The IRIS collection inspired by the shape of the rainbow lent the sofa and the chair its gently rounded shape and 7 colours. Table with glass plate reminds of puddle after the rain with a reflection of rainbow...read more


+MOOD +MOOD, August 2012


Femme Femme, May 2011
Hlavou proti múru? Každý, kto sa pokúsil na Slovensku preraziť s pôvodným dizajnom a výrobou vám potvrdí, že takáto činnosť hraničí s masochizmom. Dizajnér Ľubo Majer na to ide tak trochu „od lesa“...read more


DesignEast Design East, April 2011
IRIS by Lubo Majer. Iris by Slovak designer Lubo Majer is an upholstery furniture inspired by shape and color of rainbow. Upholstered elements are possible join together, from two or three chairs and make wider sofa out of it...read more