• T - BOX

    T-box is a break from the traditional monoblock structure filing system. It uses a system of stacking modules to meet storage needs. The four versions of modular configuration permit creating personalized sets with different functions within the same configuration.

    Design: Lluís Pieró

    CATALOGUE: T-box.pdf


    Otvorený modul bez dvierok.


    Modul s výklopnými zásuvnými dvierkami.


    Modul s dvomi zásuvkami.


    Modul so závesným registrom.

    Systém skladania.



    Cabinets for all office areas.

    Float_fx provides variable storage space with the option of making ideal use of the room available. The combination of cabinets with stacking cabinets enables facilities to reach up to 6 high. The image is determined by the type of front: depending on the requirements, the cabinets are available with hinged doors, sliding doors, vertical and cross tambours, or with an open front. The interior equipment can be individually organized - shelves, drawers and suspension files can be arranged openly within the reticular system. High-quality drawers ensure perfect function - easy gliding and maintenance-free.
    The multifunctional work-place.

    The process e_station offers solutions for different types of offices and requirements ranging from single or double workplaces to individual workplace arrangements in flexible office layouts. It combines partitions, accessory panel and a flexible workplace all in one. The detachable bottom in-fill allows easy access to the cable feeds from the floor. The table itself does not hold any CPU equipment and thus is completely free to move for any multifunctional application required.?